Preventing SIM swapping

29 Jan 2020


Sim swapping is a modern attack to hijack peoples accounts. In this post, I’ll discuss ways to reduce your chances of being SIM swapped.

How is SIM swapping done?

SIM Swapping is done whenver a attacker uses Social Engineering to convice a phone provider to swap your phone number to theirs. Or by a employee that is paid to do so internally.

How can I prevent SIM swapping?

Try to keep your online indentiy seperate from your real life. Most people who are SIM swapped are crypto users, who post on forums talking about crypto etc. Sometimes sites get their database dumped with emails, names etc. Use different alias’s. Use different emails. Change your phone number often. There are tons of sites databases being dumped often with personal information. Register your phone under a different name, or use one just for bank/coinbase 2FA. Have seperate for one social life etc. camo Famous case of hacking Paris Hiltons phone, by pwning phone company then just looking her up by her real name. Who might I add, is currently in jail again. Have a phone provider such as Google Fi (tied to your Google account), Verizon, or t-mobile. Or a sat phone provider. Who have serious security teams, and proccesses who can help victims that have been SIM swapped.