Corellium Review

03 Jun 2024

Use markdown to center this — layout: post title: “Corellium, a iOS Virtualization Service Review” date: 2024-06-03 — I recently got approved for a license at Corellium which is a virtualization service for iOS, Android, and some other cool OS’s. This isn’t my first time using Corellium, because I used it profesionnally at some of my previous employers. Some of the things I noticed is that they increased the price of the pay as you go from $1 to $3 an hour. Also, the professional amature annual license is $800/y! The enterprice edition was only $70/y for 1 device if I’m recalling correctly. No NDA was signed btw and others have reviewed this service. The self hosted option which I presume that government clients require due to their weird classified standards costed $40-80k and is a mini server hosted on-site. It took about 5-10 minutes to create an iPhone 15 Pro Max device, and it came preinstalled with Cydia which was cool. Cydia

Apple’s App Store doesn’t work, and you have to install the .ipa’s via sideloading. So, I thought ok easy I’ll just grab it from Armconverter, wrong!!! You’ll also have to re-sign it since it doesn’t accept app store signed applications. I just gave up after that, because I didn’t want to setup an Apple free Development app and test out various Linux scripts to sign .ipa files. That irked me a lot, but oh well. Also, I noticed that they offer the latest iOS devices, but only old Android phones. So I couldn’t create a virtual Pixel 8 device. To be fair, they started off doing iOS and I can just install Android Studio and start an emulated Pixel or Android TV. Android Offerings iOS Offerings